x Wendy Cheung x

3-way partnership with x Wendy Cheung x When we first introduced as an AI communication and presentation training platform to the training industry, we were frequently dragged into a ‘friend-or-foe’ debate as there are fears that is just a ‘Trojan Horse’ into one of the last service industries that is entirely run and delivered by humans; whereas in fact we […]

Wendy Cheung

Collaboration in AI school presentation training course with TVB principal news anchor  We have landed a ground-breaking cooperation with Wendy Cheung, ex-TVB principal news anchor who has a celebrated track-record working in broadcast media. We co-developed an AI presentation training class for all schools in Hong Kong, providing a comprehensive & immersive learning experience for […]

CWT Integral Mind Training Center

Collaboration and development in the first AI professional presentation and image online course  We were grateful to cooperate with Ms Cheung Wai Tsz and Master Chris on the first AI ‘Professional presentation and image’ online course globally. This course can improve learners’ verbal and non-verbal expressions over a short period.