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3-way partnership with x Wendy Cheung x

When we first introduced as an AI communication and presentation training platform to the training industry, we were frequently dragged into a ‘friend-or-foe’ debate as there are fears that is just a ‘Trojan Horse’ into one of the last service industries that is entirely run and delivered by humans; whereas in fact we are a perfect complement to human training experience by providing laser-sharp observations and feedback for as many times as needed after the learners have been taught by expert human trainers – an augmented learning experience which could not have been possible before.

Our 3-way partnership with x Wendy Cheung x will demonstrate a future model for the training industry in which trainers could share their invaluable experience with a bigger number of learners through physical or online classes and rely on AI to provide each learner undivided attention for one-on-one coaching as they put their learnings into practice. Given a lot of physical classes are suspended due to the pandemic, this new training experience has come just-in-time.

Our first training class will take place in March and I can wait to see how our 3 way partnership will flourish in the coming months. Thanks and Wendy Cheung for their contributions towards developing of a 21st century way of training a 21st century skill together.