NowTV Finance Tech-Biz

By NowTV Finance channel on September 8, 2022 Thank you Cyberport for arranging our interview with NowTV Finance Channel together with Concordia Lutheran School (路德會協同中學). This short and succinct news report gave an account of what we really wanted to do with students in Asia – making communication and presentation skills training more easily accessible through […]

TVB J2 Open Mind

By TVB J2 channel on August 31, 2022 We had a long day shooting an episode of the technology TV program Open Mind with TVB J2 channel. A wonderful experience overall as the entire crew was super creative and professional. We had the chance of demonstrating how could help lots of people overcome their […]

S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School Teacher’s Development Day

We were invited by S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School (聖公會曾肇添中學) to be part of the speakers in the event of their Teacher’s Development Day on 21 July. We have introduced to the teachers on how to apply the system into the school education curriculum. We are happy to see that the principal and […]

Hong Kong Economic Times:【Innovation and Technology】Local start-up develop AI to help improve presentation skills. CEO Roland Leung never forgets his original aspiration that hopes students will use it for life

By Hong Kong Economic Times on July 21, 2022 View full story here “There is only one chance.” And communication skills are the key to grasping the chance of success. Roland Leung, CEO of Datality Lab Limited, has been familiar with this principle since primary school. From study, exams, graduation, job hunting, and workplace personnel, to […]

Hong Kong Economic Times:【Innovative and Technology】 AI trainer improves students’ presentation skills, observes details and scores, and provides immediate suggestions

By Hong Kong Economic Times on July 21, 2022 View full story here Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, but how do people prepare for opportunities? Several girls from Concordia Lutheran School looked at the camera with firm and confident eyes, and showed their best performance, presenting their ideas to the “tutors” on the […]

Hong Kong Economic Times:【Innovation and Technology】Speech scoring development AI start-ups to transform without fear of failure. CEO: It is very happy to be an innovation and technology company in Hong Kong

By Hong Kong Economic Times on July 21, 2022 View full story here started its development in 2020, and it has been two years since the product launched. 3 universities and more than 10 primary and secondary schools are applying for licensed use. Surprisingly, Datality Lab Limited, which developed the system, was originally a […]

Know-IT x Cyberport Exhibition

We are delighted to be one of the exhibitors during the Know-IT x Cyberport (奇趣IT識多啲 x 數碼港) event, organized by OGCIO and Cyberport on 6th July. We have met and spoken with many enthusiastic primary school teachers and discussed how communication and presentation training is key to the lifelong success of today’s students and how […] Working Daily Vlog 2

【🗣💼 Working Daily】March Special Summer Study Experience? Meet the award-winning students! feat. Emmanuel Primary School, Kowloon New vlog of our ‘ Working Daily’ series is live on YouTube now! Corporates>Universities>Secondary Schools>Primary Schools has been our roadmap for developing the market penetration strategies for We have visited Emmanuel Primary School and presented awards to students […] Working Daily Vlog 1

【🗣💼 Working Daily】Media Interview Day feat. Concordia Lutheran School We are happy to announce our first series of ‘ Working Daily’ vlog is live on YouTube now! Special thanks to the teachers and students from Concordia Lutheran School for their support in the development of We were there being interviewed by Hong Kong Economic […]

Cyberport Career Fair 2022

Cyberport Career Fair 2022 Embedded as part of Cyberport Career Fair’s career development centre function (, candidates who are interested in job openings in the innovation and technology sector may come and practice your job interviewing skills using until July. Follow the steps below and our virtual human interviewers, Thomas, Jennifer and Kelly will see you […]