CTgoodjobs: [Job Guide] Experts share AI mock interview scoring skills and “tips”

[Job Guide] Experts share AI mock interview scoring skills and “tips” By CTgoodjobs on May 30, 2022 View full story here With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology becoming more and more mature, more and more companies are recruiting through AI video interviews, and AI systems are used to assist in finding the most […]

Cyberport #BravingtheEpidemic

#BravingtheEpidemic – Datality Lab’s AI presentation training platform improves students’ presentation and communication skills The 5th wave of the pandemic has reduced socialisation among students and made it difficult for them to attend classes. Startup #DatalityLab, whose previous investment was co-led by Cyberport, has developed #MoodieAI, a communication and presentation training platform. With its own AI and machine […]

ilovemama.com x Wendy Cheung x Moodie.ai

3-way partnership with ilovemama.com x Wendy Cheung x Moodie.ai When we first introduced Moodie.ai as an AI communication and presentation training platform to the training industry, we were frequently dragged into a ‘friend-or-foe’ debate as there are fears that Moodie.ai is just a ‘Trojan Horse’ into one of the last service industries that is entirely run and delivered by humans; whereas in fact we […]

Learning & Teaching Expo 2021

Exhibiting Moodie.ai in LTE 2021 Super excited to be exhibiting Moodie.ai in LTE 2021 (www.ltexpo.com.hk) today and the first day of this 3 day event is over. A lot of hard work had gone into the preparation over the past 3-4 months, including the print materials, video contents and most importantly, a demo unit which we use […]