EdUHK’s SEN-themed Education Forum


This week, under the theme of ‘From Solo to Social: Self-paced learning on social interaction with GenAI’ we have the fortune of sharing our experience in developing as the EdTech solution that combine computer vision, decision models, applied psychology, generative AI and now game development engines in EdUHK’s SEN-themed education forum. Our goal is to provide a learning and practicing platform for students who want to improve their communication skills, both in the environments of a solo presentation to everyday social interactions. Using speech-enabled virtual humans, we are able to create a learning companion for the students who can engage in dialogs of specific topics and provide the detailed feedback like the way prescribed by HKDSE scoring rubrics. And with the likes of SIE Fund, we are hoping this will benefit more students who prefer to prepare for social communications in a more relaxing and less intimidating environment.