Creating a Lasting First Impression via (27 Mar 2024)

Creating a Lasting First Impression via
AI-powered Communication Skill Training Workshop

2024-03-27 Brunei Civil Service Institute Training Workshop

About the Workshop


The workshop is a dynamic and interactive program designed to help learners develop and refine their communication skills for making a powerful impact from the very beginning. This workshop focuses specifically on the crucial aspect of creating a positive first impression through effective communication. The workshop starts by exploring the importance of first impressions and their lasting impact on personal and professional relationships.

The workshop provides practical strategies and techniques to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills that contribute to a strong first impression. Participants will learn about the power of body language, vocal tone, and facial expressions in conveying confidence, credibility, fluency, and energy. Through experiential exercises, they will gain insights into their own non-verbal communication habits and learn to make conscious adjustments for maximum impact. Learners will be able to apply the newly learnt skill via, an Al communication coach that facilitates a 15-days follow-up practices on a real-life scenario after the workshop.


  1. Appreciate the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication cues.
  2. Acquire the knowledge of one own’s communication style.
  3. Analyse the areas of skill improvement for progressive practices.
  4. Apply the communication ability in real-life scenarios.


  1. Employees will connect and collaborate with stakeholders through clear, confident and credible spoken communication.
  2. Stakeholders will appreciate increased understanding, stronger rapport and trust, enabling positive results.
  3. Company will build a reputation for clear, considerate spoken communication that fosters collaboration and achieves goals.


Edwin is a startup co-founder, marketing data science professional, university lecturer, public speaker and corporate trainer with 30 years of business and teaching experience in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Missionary at heart and visionary in mind, Edwin possesses infinite passion in liberalizing data for human good and is now pushing new boundaries in adult learning and development in communication skills in Singapore, ASEAN and beyond using AI technologies!

Edwin holds several qualifications – MBA from Rutgers University, Specialist Diploma on Data Science for Business and Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance.  Besides, Edwin is also a certified trainer and practitioner of personal data protection, both locally and internationally.

Datality Lab promotes effective communication in the 21st-century workplace, made possible by, a self-directed communication training platform for students and professionals to practice presentation and language skills anytime anywhere. mimics human coaching by harnessing AI observations, cognitive interpretations and automated feedback, enabling learners to progressively practice and improve their public speaking, sales pitching, interviewing skills etc.



I. Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Overview of the workshop objectives and agenda

II. Understanding the Psychology of First Impressions (10 minutes)

III. Non-Verbal Communication and Body Language (20 minutes)

  • Importance of non-verbal cues in shaping perceptions
  • Techniques for using body language to convey confidence, fluency, credibility and energy level

IV. Emotional Connection (20 minutes)

  • Understanding emotions and their impact on interactions
  • Strategies for expressing positive emotions and managing emotions effectively

V. Vocal Tone and Speech (20 minutes)

  • How vocal tone affects the impression we create
  • Tips for using voice effectively, including volume, pace, stress and pauses

VI. Crafting Engaging Introductions and Elevator Pitches (30 minutes)

  • Techniques for creating concise and captivating self-introductions
  • Strategies for tailoring self-introductions in personal and professional context

IX. Group activities for practicing and receiving feedback on introductions (60 mins)

X. Wrap-up and Action Planning (10 minutes)

  • Recap of key concepts and takeaways
  • Individual action planning for practicing and applying learned skills in real-life situations
  • Q&A session and final thoughts