UEF Workshop: Mastering presentation skills with AI


UEFers have more secrets to “master” presentation skills using AI technology

Among the factors required in a career, soft skills are increasingly appreciated. Many employers value this skill and consider it as one of the indispensable requirements when recruiting personnel. At UEF, soft skills, especially presentation skills, have been incorporated into training more in student activities.

With the strong development of the 4.0 revolution, especially the explosion of artificial intelligence, “face recognition” is one of the breakthrough inventions. This technology is not only applied in organizations but also in many schools in the teaching process.

In order to help students discover practical benefits from AI technology in learning and developing soft skills, in the morning of August 18, the UEF Project Design Training Center held a meeting: Workshop “Mastering presentation skills with AI”.

UEFers learn more about how to apply technology to the learning process

As the guest and keynote speaker of the workshop, Mr. Edwin Song – Managing Director of, shared a lot about the interesting learning method associated with AI, helping students to be autonomous in improving their presentation skills and its communication.

MSc. Ha Le Thu Hoai – Deputy Director of the UEF Project Design Training Center; MSc. Tang My Ha – Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics; MSc. Nguyen Vuong Hoai Thao – Vice Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management were also attending the program.

Ms. Thu Hoai accompanied and guided UEFers throughout the event

Presentation is presenting the problem in a convincing way, the presenter needs to convey the content and the complete message to the audience. Especially in subjects, presentation skills play a very important role, it shows confidence, affirms that students have the ability to master knowledge and ability to convey their knowledge in front of a group. However, at present, some students still do not have good presentation skills, leading to timidity and fear, making the presentation lose its attraction and difficult to convince the audience.

In the sharing session, the students understood the reasons why the presentation itself was not attractive. Mr. Edwin Song pointed out the causes from voice, body shape, facial expression. You also get to watch a lot of videos and photos to see the mistakes more clearly and practice with short paragraphs prepared by the speaker.

Presentation problems such as body language and expression are analyzed by the AI ​​system and given a solution

Currently, AI systems can recognize facial features such as muscles and bones. From there, the curves of the eye sockets, nose and chin are best seen to recognize the subject. These features for each face are unique and do not change over time. This system will help students be proactive in improving their presentation skills.

According to many evaluations of teachers during the teaching process, students are always very well prepared in terms of content, always learning about new knowledge to bring into the lesson to help the presentation be exploited from many different perspectives. But the way of expression is not attractive and there is no connection with classmates. Through the application of this AI recognition system, you can analyze facial expressions, gestures, etc. during the presentation process, helping students overcome mistakes so that they can self-correct.

The workshop “Mastering presentation skills with AI” was successfully held with a lot of valuable information being shared. From the exchange and guidance of experts, the students have one more useful learning method to improve their soft skills. Teachers also have additional tools to effectively support the teaching process.