Moodie Working Daily Vlog 2


【🗣💼 Working Daily】March Special Summer Study Experience? Meet the award-winning students! feat. Emmanuel Primary School, Kowloon

New vlog of our ‘ Working Daily’ series is live on YouTube now!

Corporates>Universities>Secondary Schools>Primary Schools has been our roadmap for developing the market penetration strategies for We have visited Emmanuel Primary School and presented awards to students who used to practice their presentation skills during the special summer holiday between March and April. We were so touched to hear directly from students who used to hone presentation and communication skills and even prepare for secondary school admission interviews. We are also delighted to know students have become more confident with speaking among bigger audiences as a result of their practice. It feels so rewarding to know your product is actually improving people’s lives; their feedback and encouragement are reasons why we will continue our journey of developing a better system!

Come with us to explore our interesting moments while developing!