MingPao: Artificial intelligence to analyze language and actions: revolutionizes corporate presentation training


Artificial intelligence to analyze language and actions: revolutionizes corporate presentation training

By MingPao on July 28, 2021. Read the story here

In the past, to learn speaking skills, you may need to participate in courses and be guided by professional instructors, but in the era of artificial intelligence, users may choose computer training. Datality Lab, a research and data consulting start-up, invested in 7-digit Hong Kong dollars to develop the platform, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze the performance of users’ English speeches, and then gives scores and suggestions for improvement. The platform has been adopted by local universities and large insurance companies, and Cantonese and Mandarin versions will be added by the end of this year.

With 70 body language observation points and 4 categories of advice
The platform has a speech analysis and scoring system, which can collect points and training content recorded by users for each practice. The artificial intelligence technology of the platform has 70 observation points of body language with 170 algorithms, which can be used to score and give suggestions based on 4 categories of facial expressions, body movements, tone of voice and content of users during speeches, so that users can know their confidence, fluency, credibility, and even the integral of speech energy when presenting. The platform can analyze 5-minute speech clips within 20 minutes, and will also provide reference materials, including celebrity speech data for users’ reference.

Roland Leung, managing director of Datality Lab, pointed out that the company adopted the cloud technology of Amazon Web Services and invested up to seven figures to establish the platform, which was launched in April this year and entered Singapore in June. The platform is currently used by local universities and large insurance companies to train students’ presentation skills and insurance agents’ sales skills. At present, the platform only has manual skills analysis of English speeches. Cantonese and Mandarin versions will be added before the end of the year, and a mobile application will be launched in October.

Set up a variety of speech scenes, Virtual audiences in practice environment
Roland Leung said that there has never been a certification or unified standard for communication and presentation skills. In the past, speech training courses were all provided by individual instructors, but the instructors may not be able to provide one-on-one training due to time constraints. has a variety of speech scenes and the real practice environment function of virtual audiences, users can practice repeatedly through the platform to strengthen their presentation skills.

Roland added that due to cultural differences, the platform artificial intelligence technology will also establish a scoring system corresponding to the local culture based on the collection and analysis of local data for the performance of speeches in different countries.